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Name: anna
AKA: anna, Escort Anna, Escort Anna+, Escort Anna, Eskort Anna
Age: 39   
Height (cm): 172
Weight (kg): 69
Location: Tallinn
Price 1 hour: 100
Price 30 min:
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    probably real

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from 2014-01-18 to 2019-08-24

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2019-06-10 ESCORT Women 38/172/69 sex,oral sex,69,fisting,beazzare,strapon,laite domina,prostata massage,massage.outcall 1h,100e+
2019-02-27 ONLY ESCORT Women 38/172/69 sex,oral sex,69,fisting,beazzzare,strapon,laite domina,prostata massage,massage.outcall 1h.100e+
2018-10-20 ONLI ESCORT TULEN PELGE SINU JURDE Women 37/172/69 sex, oral sex, 69, fisting, beazzare, strapon, laite domina, prostata massage, massage. 1h, 100e+
2018-10-04 ONLY ESCORT Women 37/172/69 sex,oral sex,69,fisting,beazzare,strapon.laite domina,prostata massage,massage.1h.100e+
2018-08-20 ONLY ESCORT Women 37/172/69 sex,oral sex,69,fisting,beazare,strapon,laite domina,face siting sex,lingman massage,prostata massage,massage.outcall 1h.100e+
2018-06-28 ONLY ESCORT Women 37/172/69 outcall 1h.100e+ sex,oral sex,69,fisting,beazzare,face siting sex,strapon,laite domina,prostata massage,massage
2018-04-28 ONLY ESCORT Women 37/172/69 sex,oral sex,69,fisting,beazzare,strapon,laite domina,prostata massage,face siting sex.1h.100e+
2017-12-25 ONLY ESCORT sex,oral sex,69,fisting,beazzare,strapon,laite domina,prostata massage,massage.1h.100e+
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2017-07-22 ONLY ESCORT Women 36/172/69 sex,oral sex,69,fisting,beazzare,strapon,laite domina,prostata massage,massage.
2017-07-12 ONLY ESCORT Women 36/172/69 sex, oral sex, 69, fisting, beazzare, strapon, laite domina, prostata massage, massage. 1h, 100e+ 12. juuli 20:39
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2017-01-24 ONLY ESCORT 1h.100e+ Women 36/172/69 sex,oral sex,69,fisting,beazare,strapon,laite domina,massage
2016-06-21 ONLY ESCORT TULE PELGE SINU JURDE sex, oral sex, 69, fisting, beazzare, strapon, laite dominf, prostata masage, fetich. 1h. 100e+ 21. juuni 13:40
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