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[1051]   2015-07-20 12:16 by Anonymous PT254
Pictures are fake. She's not disturbing ugly, but ugly anyway. She acted nice, that was the reason i fucked her with my eyes closed listning to my music in my ears. I swear!
[506]   2015-04-19 10:07 by Duderino HK084 for photo  #2990
Chill out bro. You got some issues.
[500]   2015-04-17 12:56 by Anonymous JR146 for photo  #2990
That is obvious that the picture is fake and there are different girls on the previous and the next picture.But Admin writesn they're "REAL".Admin must be not only RETARD, but stupid and fucking blind!
[144]   2015-01-05 09:55 by Anonymous BY155 for photo  #2990
ain't same girl for long time, now fake as hell this pic