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[1960]   2015-12-27 13:09 by Anonymous TJ003
Wants 150 eur but does not kiss, very cold and unpleasant, ugly like her a**hole. Hurried and impolite. Cheap perfume ugly smell. Fake photos by the way (using photoshop to make them look good). Spend you money somewhere else!!
[420]   2015-03-17 21:02 by Anonymous MT462
on photos #5996, #6213, #6271 is porn model Erika Michelle Barr:
[311]   2015-02-12 13:55 by Anonymous RY050
the picture is real
[101]   2014-12-15 09:05 by Tina YE212 for photo  #6970
Your intelligence is zero. and I know how is work this site. automatic selection. and your personal opinion (very respected, apparently). you do not know anyone personally these girls
[100]   2014-12-15 08:47 by Anonymous CT010 for photo  #6970
lol, butthurt
[99]   2014-12-15 08:29 by Tina YE212 for photo  #6970
I do not need to prove anything, it's my personal photo. Like the photo in black. And the admin of this site is the most unpleasant person I have ever met. You can then do whatever you want, I do not care. All the best.
[98]   2014-12-15 08:25 by Tina YE212 for photo  #6970
Мне не нужно ничего доказывать ,это моя личная фотография. Как и фото ,в черном. А админ этого сайта самый неприятный человек ,которого я когда либо встречала. Вы можете тут делать ,что хотите ,мне всё равно. Всего доброго.
[97]   2014-12-14 19:07 by Admin AN101 for photo  #6970
NB. Previous comment was left by that girl herself.
[96]   2014-12-14 17:26 by Anonymous LM049 for photo  #6970
I know this girl. It's real picture.