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[2649] 2016-10-24 17:25 by Anonymous BB130

Накину еще сотик сверху и поеду в питерском салоне всю ночь :D за 200 пусть друг дружке языком сделают :D
[2648] 2016-10-24 15:08 by Anonymous SL160
На иха.ее две молодые соски по 18 лет (худые как вам нравится) предлагают минет за 200 евро. Минет, КАРЛ, за 200!!
[2647] 2016-10-24 12:29 by Anonymous PM098
А в Таллине в принципе есть красивые проститутки? Пускай хоть по 150?
[2118] 2016-04-12 18:17 by Anonymous KF069
Это где так дёшево можно найти там?
[2106] 2016-03-15 21:31 by Anonymous LM227

в Украину далеко ехать :) а до СПБ вобще близко . да и после нашего колхоза там есть из чего выбирать . хуй черствый уже 2 неделю :D
[2105] 2016-03-15 15:58 by Anonymous PF196
В украину ехать надо, там за 10 в жопу дают, а девки как с обложки.
[1675] 2015-09-15 09:42 by Anonymous CJ158
Ваще не понятно,к чему весь этот текст был.Админ по ходу не знает слова БАН.
[1546] 2015-08-28 09:25 by Anonymous YV199
Особенно с этой чумой спидозной!
[1545] 2015-08-28 09:25 by Anonymous YV199
Правильно!Так с ними и надо!
[1523] 2015-08-25 14:05 by Anonymous MF023
Спидозница разошлась другим девчонкам дерьмо писать!Руки на хуй вырву и зубы будешь свои с асфальта слизывать пидарша ебаная!
[1442] 2015-08-16 15:39 by Anonymous BR118
kto podskazhet nomerok normalnoi telki? 23-35 let
[1225] 2015-07-30 03:34 by Anonymous KL243
Меня этот мудак тоже подзаебал!помните,что он устроил с Надей?Писал ей с 10 телефонов(типа это другой уже присоеденился)какую-то хуйню.А тут новую жертву нашёл!забаньте его нахуй!
[1143] 2015-07-23 14:22 by Anonymous QY158
Pishi po russki ili po estonski,pidar!
[1041] 2015-07-20 11:56 by Anonymous PT254
He is "professor of whores". let's kill him! :D
[996] 2015-07-18 10:52 by Anonymous PC009
You've got a lot of time bitch, if you're writing that kind of books here! There is no organized criminals, pimps, thugs and hitmen in Estonia! What kind of searching web sites are you talking about? Even this site gives you information about is the photo real or not! You don't have to trust what girls write. This site tells you are the pictures real or not!
[834] 2015-06-23 09:37 by Anonymous KV037
So most women don't make very much money from this, a lot of them spend it on drugs etc, some others have children to look after.

There are a few people who make a lot of money, just organized criminals, pimps, thugs and probably murderers.

That is the reality of the business you are engaged with when you look these sites.
[833] 2015-06-23 09:36 by Anonymous KV037
It is like if you went to the worst, most disgusting, greasy food place and could only eat about half of it.

Only in that case you just pay about 5 euros and not 50, and you don't get an STD from it, just a bad stomach.

Also you don't have to look through stupid websites with lies to find those - imagine if a terrible food place just used a picture from Jaime Oliver food and said, 'oh yes, this is our food 1000%' lol.
[828] 2015-06-21 09:05 by Anonymous TK032
Also, the attractive women you can see on the street - they are sometimes gold diggers, usually want a local estonian or russian, but foreigners can also be possible.

Or they just move to countries where there is more money and they can get a job just by being attractive, or in the worst case, a better paid hooker.

The hookers here are too ugly and poor quality to do that, so they are literally just a hole for really desperate guys to put their dick in sometimes.

Estonian guys are usually quite cautios so they are not going to immediately go to first hooker they see with a hot pic, even if it says it is '1000% real' and so.

So these hookers get not very much business, most people go once then not again so there is not many repeat customers, and their attitude just makes that even worse.
[827] 2015-06-20 22:34 by There you have it ZZ195
There are several reasons propably, but one of them is the Estonian relatively weak purchasing power. Average Estonian has a monthly salary around 900 euros, so you ain't going to get yourself a high standard of living as a hooker in Estonia. That's why many travelling hookers also won't come here. They'll rather go to Finland, Sweden, Norway, etc. And that's the way to go also for better Estonian hookers. This also leads to a situation that more pretty women go for gold digging rather than being hookers, since it's more productive.

Second of all, in countries like Finland, Sweden, etc. you have pretty giving welfare system, which means you won't have to be a hooker to get a decent standard of living if you won't get a job. The system will take care of you. In Estonia, however, many of the hookers are hookers because that's the way to get little more food on your table. Many of them basically have to do it to pay their rents, get their doses of anything they might be using
[826] 2015-06-20 17:31 by Anonymous ER057

Prostitution is legal in Estonia. Read the laws. Pimping is not legal.
[825] 2015-06-20 13:18 by Anonymous QJ186
Maybe it's because prostitution is illegal in Estonia while it is legal in Amsterdam, you dimwit.
[823] 2015-06-19 18:50 by Anonymous ER057
I don't understand... Why in Estonia 90% of hookers use fake photos, some even say "%100 real" but in reality they are ugly as fuck!
If you look at hookers in Amsterdam, they take almost the same money (~x1.5 more) but they look so fucking good!
Few examples:

And all are fucking real.. In Estonia.. Ughh.. It's rare to find a good girl.
[820] 2015-06-18 16:01 by Anonymous LX230

вот короче Настя - 58489773 у нее правда татушки разные на теле и сиськи маленькие а так вроде не плохая девчушка .

Паула это Лина на води.ее в коплях принимает . минус в том что у нее живот и шрам походу от кесарева а так приятная красивая девушка .сзади трахать вобще замечательно да и пизда у нее как персик :)
[818] 2015-06-18 15:30 by Anonymous PQ102
А как мне их найти)? Можно поподробней)?
[816] 2015-06-18 14:52 by Anonymous LX230

к Насте сходи или к Пауле :)

а мне бы вот фею которая стонет и охает :D
[811] 2015-06-17 14:52 by Anonymous TX007
Да куда не глянь все какие то наркоманки, страшные, инфицированные... Может кто посоветует фею хорошую?, Главное ухоженную!

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